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and for all those times..
when i thought everything will be okay..
i thought trust will lead..
i break..

i break so deep that i couldn't say it..
i just stare and think..
why must this happen..

let my hand be hold..
let my cheek kissed..
but nothing felt..
too much for those words..
still can't brain..
why must this happen..

i stay strong for all that happen..
keep laughing to hide myself..
stand still to take care of everything
when it fell apart..
but i guess i know
where am i..

am i too kind..
too loyal for myself easily being hurt..
too innocent that i put everything in..
am i too brainless to think..
for some people that all those things are easy..

i break again tonight..
between everything that i love..
everything that i ever care of..
because at the end, they made my tears fall..
which i never hope will ever happen..