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okeyh lately very busy with my short course and my final examination. and now it's time for holiday! yuhuuuu.

i have been trying to find some 'labuh' clothes recently. try to change to be better i guess. hopefully amin. slowly and honestly. well labuh clothes or longgar are quite comfortable and you can make it stylish too but be sure not to be over the limit.

labuh is cool what!

see, anything that is labuh which covers your aurat is just okay.

nowadays, even jubahs are trendy. i have made some tour around the internet, searching for muslimah outfit.

some wears maxi gown with long cardigan and shawl, palazzo pants with long blouse and pashmina, but for sure, they covers their 'assets'. muslims woman nowadays are more creative in the way they dress up.

i am sooo in love with some palazzo pants i found on the internet!! lol.