Thanks ! anda yang ke :



at this moment

i am happy
i just got my physics test result..
and it was good coz i expected to get lower than that=]
[encik zainor mark paper cpt giler..bru smlm buat test, hr ni dah dpt result huhu]
and one more thing
today is his birthday..
so dah wish but..
mcm biasa,, no reply..
trying to think positively, i started to pay much more attention on my study
hoping my result will be much2 better so that he know that i can still survive without him=]

ok, cut the craps
my brother a.k.a abang chaq (my 17 years old YOUNGER brother) is making me worry about his latest exam result..
well, dia dah memintas aku dgn A yang lebih banyak! haha
i'm happy for him coz b4 this tak pernah dia mcm ni..
bagus peningkatan dia tu..
he had made a promise with my mother n i hope dia kotakan janji dia..
so all i need to do now adalah to compete!

abang chaq is a quiet person
dia selalunya tak cakapkan apa yang dia rasa..
itu masa kecik2..
kitorang adik beradik masih belum faham masing2..
but now we both are getting 'dewasa'..
so everything started to be just fine..
Alhamdulillah i got a good brother..
like ayah said to me, be good to ur brothers coz one day, abang chaq will lead the family!
masa kecik2 dulu mmg la tak faham,tapi bila dah besar, i started to trust him..

thats all 4 now..
act i miss my home n everyone kat rumah..