Thanks ! anda yang ke :



the pain inside

minggu paling penat sekali

x sbr sgt2 nk balik penang cuti raya cina ni

btw, today is aina's birthday=]

my dearest sister

happy birthday aina

may Allah bless u forever

i love u

mkn bnyk2 supaya cpat besar yer

nanti akak balik akak bg present keyh=]

i was hoping everything will be much better after the holiday

my heart aches and i was having such a great pressure this week

i just want to see my family, intan and ady,

persons who were always with me during all the hard time

dear Allah,

the only thing i asked is to hold them when i'm not around,

and when i'm much too far away..

give me the courages to survive and Your bless to make me stronger..Aminn..


intan sofia said...

be strong aini!!!
i'll see u as fast as i can...

nurul aini said...

just dunt make me cry ok